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Dr. Steven Franconeri

Dr. Steven Franconeri

Dr. Steven Franconeri is Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University, with courtesy appointments at the Kellogg School of Management, HCI+Design, and Computer Science.

He directs a world-leading research lab on the cognitive science of data visualization, science communication, and clear and persuasive presentation of data-backed arguments. The lab has published over 100 papers and been extensively funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Education, and Franconeri has received multiple awards for excellence in research and teaching, including the NSF Career award, and he has served as a previous academic chair of the premier data visualization research conference.

Franconeri is a leading teacher and speaker on data storytelling, dashboard design, and persuasive presentation. He synthesizes practical guidelines from research on cognitive science, data visualization, education, graphic design, and persuasive rhetoric, and distills the most critical guidelines through extensive collaboration and teaching across Kellogg MBAs, Executive MBAs, PhDs across scientific fields, and analysts and leaders in over 100 organizations that span non-profits, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, technology, telecommunications, CPG, financial, actuarial, and law.

To learn more about his research, download Prof. Franconeri's gold-standard review paper on the cognitive science of data visualization and data storytelling, written for a non-expert audience.

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